[25%OFF BEST EVER] Holiday season sale 2020 !

Almost all the items - From November 1st


[25%OFF BEST EVER] Holiday season sale 2020


It’s here again★Holiday Sale 2020
We regret that we are not able to offer FreeShipping due to COVID-19..
So we’ve decided to run the BIG discount ever instead!
Let’s all take advantage of ‘With Corona’!

Duration: From 1st.NOV to 25th.DEC.2020
Discount: 25%
Eligible product: Almost all products (some may not be applied)
Shipping service: Expedited ship only by FedEx/DHL/EMS
Memo: Not valid with other coupons

Don’t miss this opportunity!
We look forward to serving you soon!

25%OFF Holiday Sale 2020

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