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Hoetsu Tobo Studio - Artist Mr. Shirahata Hoetsu : Shimada, Shizuoka pref.

About Shitoro-Yaki; Pottery baked in Kanaya, Shimada City, Shizuoka Pref.

It is believed a first potter from Mino Province built a kiln in Shitoro Township in the Ashikaga Period (in the 1500s) “Kobori Enshu” who was a tea master of the time brought Shitoro-Yaki to fame. He loved the flavor of the kiln, he counted Shitoro-Kiln as one of the excellent seven.
Even these days, tea ceremony related containers are made in Shitoro. The base color of the Shitoro ware is pale red, and the glaze is called ‘tiger stripes’ from the color combination of black sprinkled over a pale yellow. The higher iron content makes this Shitoro Ware hard and strong, it is suitable for tea caddies and other tea utensils where having a low humidity level is crucial.


Artist Mr. Shirahata Hoetsu from Hoetsu Tobo Studio

Mr. Shirahata was elected as one of the "contemporary master craftsman" from the Japanese Government.
Her is a master of ‘tiger stripes’ where high technique is required, and continues to carry down the traditional techqunie.
By using the glaze in a free style, he creates a variety of tiger stripes in the rustic style of Shitoro-Yaki.




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