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The Aap Ki Pasand business has been built around a passion for aromas, flavour and a commitment to quality that took shape back in 1981 in the form of a tea boutique nestled in the busy business district of Old Delhi, India. The Sancha story is a passionate one scripted by a young professional tea taster who setup Delhi’s first and only Tea Boutique catering to the epicure and offering the finest teas produced in the country. The Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery as it was christened back in 1981 is now a historic landmark in old Delhi and a favourite haunt for travelers to Delhi and connoisseurs alike. Written and reviewed by almost every International travel writer and food critic, the brand remains India’s most revered for quality.


The Sancha selections represent teas that are painstakingly assessed and selected by the professionals from amongst thousands of batches produced in the country of origin, India. The brand is professionally managed and guided by Mr. Sanjay Kapur, a Master Tea Taster with 4 decades of experience in tea manufacture, blending and marketing. Sancha offers over 35 successful SKUs which include unique single estate teas and blends of Indian varietal teas & teas with natural spices/herbs

Aap Ki Pasand has built its worldwide reputation as exporters of fresh teas through skill sets that enable the team of tea tasters to choose the finest teas from select tea gardens that have a longer shelf life. The Master Tea Taster and his team have extensive knowledge of various teas grown across India. In fact, the companies research has dug deep into understanding soil, climate, terroir and rainfall which have resulted in Aap Ki Pasand being able to mark out areas which produce exotic teas which naturally possess grassy, woody, flowery, floral and muscatel notes. These discoveries are the companies trade secret and a part of a specialized body of knowledge.



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