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Wagashi Japanese confectionery

Wasanbon Sugar

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Summer's Wasanbon - Wagashi Sugar - Japanese confectionery - limited season

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Summer's Wasanbon


- It's the design that makes you imagine a cute goldfish that swims in the water cooly
- It's Higashi (Wagashi) made with the high-end Japanese sugar and made by the craftsman by hand.
- It can be used as sweets or sugar.
- It's perfect to have them with Matcha and green tea.
- A special feeling may come out when you add it to black tea and coffee.
- It's the limited design for summer. (It may vary depending on seasons.)
- It's recommended as the sweets for visitors or presents.
- You can store it in a room temperature.

What is Wasanbon?


There is the sugar only produced in only a few areas in Kagawa and Tokushima prefecture on Shikoku Island which is called 'Wasanbon' in general.
It's even well-known in Japan as the high-end sugar that is used for wagashi and so forth.

Ingredients of Wasanbon


It's made from a short, thin Japanese variety of sugarcane known as 'Chikusha'.
This sugarcane is grown in the Eastern part of Kagawa prefecture with the land of sand of 'Izumisagan' and the moderate climate and area in Sanuki region. This sugarcane won't bloom but keep all the nourishment in the stem, so it brings up the unique scent and umami.

Features of Wasanbon


Wasanbon has its unique flavor and melts in your mouth mildly and it has some features that the other sugar doesn't have such as elegant sweetness.
It also contains calcium and magnesium.
Above all, it's the top-grade sugar that is made by hand and still continues its tradition.

Furthermore, Wasanbon is the hand-made product by the craftspeople.
Traditional taste and artistic design are according to the experience and sensitivity of craftsmen.

The sugar that is recognized as the top class high-end sugar even in the world, that is 'Wasanbon'.



- Japan
- See date on package (Printed on the bottom part)
- Box
- You can store it in a room temperature