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  • VALUE: Shizuoka Bancha 400g (14.10oz) Japanese Bancha green tea

[VALUE] Shizuoka Bancha 400g (14.10oz)

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Product Description

Something for everyone. This generic bancha is available at a kind of Costco-like Supermarket. While the quality is not the best, it’s hard to go wrong at this price!
Bancha refers to tea made from leaves picked after the first flush tea* (i.e. summer, autumn harvest tea, leaves and stems collected when trimming the tea plant in early winter and spring) or large leaves that are separated during processing. However, because bancha is found in various regions of Japan, bancha does not always fall under the above description, baring its own definition from region to region.
The term bancha in Tohoku region (northern part of Japan) refers to houjicha. Kyobancha made in Kyoto is a tea with big leaf and a smoky flavor.

**There is a bancha called “Kawayanagi” which uses the large tea leaf gathered from the first flush tea. This is, however, very rare for the first flush tea leaves tend to be soft and small.

Additional Information
Net weight
400 grams (14.1 oz)
Best Used By
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Standard Storage
Store in an airtight container away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.


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