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  • VALUE: Wholesale- [Strong taste] Sushi Bar GreenTea Konacha 2.5kg/5.51lbs i250g/8.81oz*10bags)
  • VALUE: Wholesale- [Strong taste] Sushi Bar GreenTea Konacha 2.5kg/5.51lbs i250g/8.81oz*10bags)
  • VALUE: Wholesale- [Strong taste] Sushi Bar GreenTea Konacha 2.5kg/5.51lbs i250g/8.81oz*10bags)

[Strong taste] Sushi Bar GreenTea Konacha 2.5kg/5.51lbs ツ(250g/8.81oz*10bags)

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Product Description

What is Konacha?
Konachamay be translated as powdered tea (konameans powder), but it is not actually powder but is tea made up of smallest bits of tea leaves that are left over after processing. Konacha is known as tea served in sushi restaurants due its low cost, quick steeping time, and the bitter taste that erases the flavor of fishiness left in the mouth. (Konacha is different from funmatsucha, powdered tea, that is often served at kaiten-zushi today).

Product Info

- VALUE Price for Wholesale
- This konacha are blended 1st. Spring harvest Sencha tea powder, Gyokuro tea powder and MICRO TEA POWDER ( it is from eco farm in Tenryu, Shizuoka)
- Taste is Strong ! You feel Bitterness. (for Tea Professional)
- It is for Sushi, Asian food and Chinese, Western food.
- The English label for expiration date and ingredients is attached.

Additional Information

Net weight per item
2.5 kg / 5.51 lbs (250 g/8.81 oz * 10 bags)

Standard Steeping Technique (Steeping Notes)

Remember, these techniques are guidelines meant to start you off. Depending on your own personal taste, the water type you have available, and of course the specific tea leaves, you should learn to adjust the water amount, temperature, tea leaf amount and steep time to achieve your perfect cup of tea.
One person (or two people with smaller cups)
Water amount:
1 tea cup / 6 oz / 180 cc / 180 ml
Water temperature:
70-100C / 158-212F degrees (NOTE: Use lower temp for less astringency, higher temp for more astringency.)
Tea leaves amount:
1 tablespoon / 5 grams
Any teapot will do, although Japanese teapots (kyusu) are the best. Yokkaichi bankoyaki kyusu will actually absorb the bitterness of the tea as it is steeped. If you do not have a teapot, you can use a wide bowl or mug cup, then filter using a net. Paper filters are not recommended, but we’re farmers, we understand you sometimes have to make do with what you have.

First steeping (issen me)

Place leaves into teapot.
Boil water and pour into the teapot.
Wait about 30 seconds. (20 seconds for kabuse sencha, shincha and delicate leaves)
Pour into cup to drink.

Second steeping (nisen me)

Same process but steep for a quick 10 seconds. The leftover water clinging to the leaves from the first steeping after you’ve poured the tea into your cup is still drawing out the flavor from the leaves. So this second steeping is very quick.

Third steeping (sansen me) and more…

Same process but steep for 30 seconds. “And more”? What does that mean you ask? To be truthful, some of us continue steeping the leaves like this for 5, 6, or even 7 times. It's a matter of personal taste how light do you like your tea. However, after the 4th steeping, most people will probably say the flavor is gone.
Houjicha is especially good for multiple steepings, and a little known secret: take the brewed houjicha leaves, steep it overnight in the refrigerator, and you’ll end up with a light, sweet iced houjicha in the morning. The last of the sugar from the stems is drawn out with this method.


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