Congratulations on the start of the new imperial era Reiwa - 5%OFF Coupon Giveaway for only 1 week

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5%OFF Teaware - coupon code

Japan's new era starting from May 1, 2019, will be called Reiwa.

To celebrate the new imperial era Reiwa with our customers,
we would present you a coupon that you can use for 1 week.

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・From May 1 (Wed) to 7 (Tue) *Japan time
・One coupon per customer only
・"Almost" all Teaware are applicable *excluding some products

Please enter the coupon code when placing the order.

Brief Introduction to "Reiwa"

● Naming a new era in Japan

- Japanese era names originate from entries in Chinese classical literature and Japanese kanji.

● Reiwa's meaning

-"With hope for tomorrow in their hearts, the Japanese people will develop their inner strength like beautiful plum blossoms"

-"Culture is born through the beauty of people caring for one another"

- The new imperial era name Reiwa is inspired by the Manyoshu passage "Ume no hana no uta".

*Manyoshu = An anthology of ancient Japanese poems compiled from 7th to 8th century, including "about 4,500 works" created or performed by emperors, members of the imperial family, poets, and farmers.


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