[SAVE 20%] Holiday season sale 2018 !

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Holiday season sale 2018 !

SAVE 20% ! Almost all the items

From Nov 3rd 

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - Holiday season sale campaign 2018 !

- From November 3rd to December 25th, we will hold a holiday season sale!
- You can save 20% and purchase the items you are interested in.

Please don't miss this opportunity!

** [Details of this campaign] **
Duration: Nov 3rd - Dec 25th (Japan time)
Contents: SAVE 20% (20% OFF)
Subject items: Almost all the items *Some items are excluded from the sale.
How to use: You can order the item(s) through PC site or MOB site as usual.

- Cannot be combined with any other offer, discounted coupons or service.

Golden Fork Dinner

One warm evening in early September, we found ourselves at the Great Taste Golden Fork Dinner in London, surrounded by other 2018 Great Taste Award winners and members of the food industry. The reception and dinner incorporated products made by the top regional Great Taste finalists and the overall winners from each UK region were announced [...]

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Tokyo Matcha Selection is among the Great Taste winners of 2018!

Great Taste, the world's most coveted food awards, which celebrates the very best in food and drink, has announced the Great Taste stars of 2018. Out of over 12,600 products to be judged, Tokyo Matcha Selection (Ishihara Tokyo Inc.) was awarded a 2-star Great Taste award for its Ceremonial Grade Japanese Organic Matcha, which means [...]

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Nihonbashi bridge cleaning

▼Facebook Movie - If you can not watch movie, please log in your FB account The office of TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION is located at Nihonbashi in Tokyo. While it was such a hot day today, there was the event by Nihonbashi boys and girls fire club which is called ‘Hashi-arai (bridge cleaning)’. Our staff also participated in the [...]

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Matcha Mess Recipe

To celebrate the spirit of summer, this month we are bringing you an easy and delicious matcha dessert recipe. A variation on a British summer classic, our Matcha Mess with fresh fruit is light yet satisfying - perfect for hot weather! Composed of crispy meringue pieces, pale clouds of matcha-flavoured whipped cream and delightful fresh [...]

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Chance to Buy Our 2018 Original Deep-Steamed Shincha

Calling all green tea lovers! You may have read all about shincha or 'new tea' in our last blog post. If you're curious to try the freshest, greenest tea of 2018, it's not too late to get your hands on our limited edition TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION Original Deep-Steamed Shincha. Read on to find out more [...]

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Shincha: First Flush Japanese Green Tea

Shincha (新茶) means 'New tea'. The term refers to the first tea harvest of the season. So that consumers can enjoy the qualities of the young leaves, tea farmers process and package the first flush without storing or ageing. The resulting 'new tea' has a wonderfully fresh, grassy aroma, which some consider superior to that [...]

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Spring in Japan: Sakura Season 2018

Cherry blossom, or 'sakura', is an important flower in Japan. To mark its brief appearance each year, Japanese people hold flower-viewing parties and enjoy sakura-themed foods. You know it's spring in Japan when everything turns pink! As sakura season 2018 approaches, we bring you everything you need to know about this magical time of year. The [...]

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Kirishima: Where Our Organic Matcha Is Made

Learn about Japan's subtropical Kagoshima Prefecture and the special area of Kirishima (meaning 'fog island') which produces our Ceremonial Grade Japanese Organic Matcha. Find out why Kagoshima is called 'the Naples of the Eastern World' and how Kirishima's geography makes it the perfect place for making organic matcha! Sourcing Our Organic Matcha At TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION, we [...]

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Brief History of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as 'cha-no-yu', has a very long history. It begins with the arrival of powdered tea (matcha) from China. In Japan, a sophisticated culture grew around matcha as it passed from the hands of Buddhist monks to those of the fashionable aristocracy. Through the influence of the famous tea master [...]

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