Tetsubin cast iron tea kettles (pots) in Japan (Nanbu tetsubin)

1. Production areas of Tetsubin iron tea kettles in Japan There are a lot of types for Tetsubin cast iron tea kettles (pots).  Nanbu Tetsubin iron tea kettles in Iwate is famous but Kansai area (Kyoto/Osaka/Shiga), Tohoku area (Yamagata/Iwate) and Hokuriku area (Toyama) and so on, their designs and manufacturing method would be all different. In Iwate prefecture, [...]

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My Sado 茶道 (Matcha Tea ceremony)

The chance to enter the tea's world was I joined the Sado Matcha Tea Ceremony Club (Urasenke) of my university when I was 18 years-old. *I got omenjo (permission) of Urasenke at the university. I thought that Sado is fun as well as teas, after I graduated my university, I [...]

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Hard water

I (Tea Selector: Mr. Taro Ishihara) have lived in Brighton, UK. As they have the hard water (soft water in Japan) so their milk tea was very tasty. I seldom drink milk tea in Japan, but it's a different story if I am outside of Japan. For Japanese tea, I bet Japanese people think it's good for soft [...]

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Best Before Date for Matcha

We often get inquiries from our customers, but please understand that ‘a best before date for matcha is short’. (compare to other teas) Almost all of the products are good for 3-4 months even in Japan. *If it is the genuine matcha product. Matcha, the high-end tea, contains more water than the other tea leaf due to its [...]

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