My Sado 茶道 (Matcha Tea ceremony)

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The chance to enter the tea's world was I joined the Sado Matcha Tea Ceremony Club (Urasenke) of my university when I was 18 years-old.
*I got omenjo (permission) of Urasenke at the university.

I thought that Sado is fun as well as teas, after I graduated my university, I entered the company called 'Itoen' (the No.1 Japanese tea manufacturer) and experienced the tea business and started the business of TMS (TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION).

I would like to write various things about Sado that lead me to the tea's world from my point of view.

- Present situation of Sado in Japan -

Long ago (when my parental generation was young), Sado was grounded deeply for Japanese routine as education or refinement.

'Marriage training = practice of tea (Sado) or flower (Kado=flower arrangement)' which the word was commonly used.

My parents also learned Sado. When the New Year is here, they made matcha and had the event to celebrate New Year at each families. (All depending on families and areas though)

I assume that people were waring Kimono a lot as the official dress for ceremonial functions only until then.
*Yes, of course people do wear Kimono even now.

Years later, Sado is 'something special you would learn' as a part of hobby or education, so it's not blended in Japanese daily life nowadays.
On the other hand, the oversea travellers are very interested in Sado experience. They are very pleased with making matcha and having Japanese confectionery.

*However they seem they are not good at sitting straight. LOL
I am happy to see that people who are not Japanese value Sado.

If you have any opportunity to experience Sado nearby, please enjoy it !
You need to be aware of sitting straight though. (For a beginner...your feet will be sore.)

I will be back.


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