Tea tree Shrine - Chanoki Jinja at Nihonbashi Tokyo

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Chanoki Shrine (茶ノ木神社)  * 茶 = Tea

Tea tree Shrine - Chanoki Jinja

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION's office is located in Nihonbashi area in Tokyo.
(It's close to Ginza and Asakusa where are popular for tourists from abroad.)

As it happens, there is the shrine neaby us called 'Chanoki Jinja'.
In Edo era, there used to be the residence of Daimyo (feudal lord): the Hotta (堀田家) here.
It is said that the god of this shrine was dedicated here as the guardian for the Hotta.
At that time, there were 'tea trees' around the shrine and it is the origin of this shrine's name.
Tokyo (Edo) in Edo era had so many fires that people called it as 'fights and fires are Edo's flowers' but there was no fires around this residence at all surprisingly, that is why people have started worship it as 'the god of fire prevention' and it's still in existence today.
We are dealing with tea so we felt amazing relationship with this shrine.
Of course we visited there too.

I will write you again.


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