Visiting OTA TEA! - Ureshino, Saga

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I went and visited the Ota Shigeki tea factory, located in Ureshino city, Saga on this Thursday, June 29. TMS would like to introduce them as 'OTA TEA'.

More Info: about Ota Shigeki Family Tea Farm

This is Mr.Yusuke Ota, CEO of OTA TEA. He is very calm and such a gentleman.

Mr, Yusuke Ota

Ota tea's signboard

The tea garden of Mr.Ota

The tea garden of Ota tea

Tsuyuhikari Cultivar - Japanese green tea

Mr. Ota is a tea farmer, operating with his own family. His tea garden is approx. 3ha(hectare) and has 15 separate locations on sloping ground where the Elevation: 150-500m. They are doing original organic farming and growing 9 cultivars in all of these tea garden and adjust their harvest time. They have started 'organic' tea cultivation by Mr.Shigeki Ota who is Yusuke's father at the early stage in Japan. This was started because his father got ill from the use of chemicals.

As you can see it's a weed-infested tea garden which proves that they don't apply any weed killer and so forth.

The tea garden of Mr. Ota

Currently they are not only producing green tea but also black tea, and there is a tea factory for it as well.

Ota tea's black tea factory

Ureshino Black Tea Leaf

More Info: Ureshino black tea leaf 80g (2.82oz)

Views of Ureshino, tea producing areas

Views of Ureshino, tea producing areas

Views of Ureshino, tea producing areas2

OTA TEA's product offers mild and natural flavor without miscellaneous tastes. I felt that his personality and affection for tea are also steeped as a component of tea.

I hope you can enjoy OTA TEA'S AROMA and FLAVOR.


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