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Establishment in 1890 Tokoname-yaki long standing established manufacture


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We supply Shudei kyusu of Tokoname-yaki with the high reputation in the world to worldwide starting with a small lot and offer you our flexible support.

* We can accept a small lot (from 50 units and up).
* We can also coordinate a large supply of 6000 units monthly.
* You can assure not only the quality but also pricing as we are the specialized manufacturer of Tokoname-yaki kyusu.
* We can ship worldwide.
* Just require ONE-STEP process with TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION and we take care of everything from inquiry to shipping. (Full support available in English)


Recommend for people those whom are;

* You would like to find an authentic Shudei kyusu.
* You are a wholesaler or a retailer of tea and/or tea set.
* You would like to carry original Shudei kyusu.
* You would like to find some novelty or commemorative gift.


Introduce JINSUI Teapleats (Jinsui Co., Ltd.)

Preferences and characteristics of JINSUI

- Shudei kyusu of a general manufacture: high temperature firing (simple and efficiently technique, wouldn't give any impact on tea flavor)

- JINSUI Kiwami Shudei kyusu: low temperature firing (visionary technique, you can make delicious tea)


Long ago, until Showa period, Shudei kyusu of Tokoname was made with low temperature firing. It had a good reputation in Japan that you could make a good tea with it. Low temperature firing wouldn't completely fire the material of kyusu so there are a lot of gaps of particles of soil that you cannot see with eyes on the surface. People say that the components of tea bitterness would stick on it and it would be ready for the flavor of tea. This is the mechanism and effect you wouldn't see with a porcelain kyusu.

On the other hand, low temperature firing is hard to control the temperature of kiln, so it is not suitable for the current business, so it's the imaginary technique that you rarely see now. Because of this, most of the general Shudei kyusu of Tokoname are made by high temperature firing at this moment.

The young JINSUI CEO, Mr. Yusuke Watanabe (the 4th generation) has noticed this point and has thoughts like the following;
- we cannot eliminate the traditional technique of Tokoname
- we would like our customers to taste flavorful tea
- we know that we have to be particular about this quality to spread Shudei kyusu to worldwide

He was stick to the low temperature filing technique and did research everyday. As a result, he has arranged the production system that can make up to 6000 products a month now.

This is the only technique and production system that JINSUI can perform in Japan and the quality of the professional manufacturer of Tokoname-yaki that boasts about to the world.

Brand Manager
CEO Mr, Yusuke Watanabe

- Profile -
Studied Fashion design and flower design.
Entered Jinsui when he was 28 years old and started to design KYUSU.
He collaborates tradition and modern to design and offer Jinsui/Teapleats KYUSU.

- JINSUI History -
1971 YOSHIJI WATANABE established 'Jinsui Toen'
2014 Jinsuitoen was incorporated, Jinsui Co.,Ltd.
Since it was incorporated, the new CEO YUSUKE WATANABE
Mainly SHUDEI KYUSU are produced 6000 pcs a month

We take care of inquiry to shipping

Please contact us first.

* Full support in English is available by TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION
* We offer our flexible support and one stop to fulfill your budget, quantity etc.
* We ship worldwide.

Estimated production period (If it is produced with an original design, we need to add some more days for design.)

- For 50 units production = approx. 2 weeks
- For 12000 units production = approx. 4-6 months (We produces approx. 2000-3000 products monthly and ship them in order.)

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