2020 Spring tea NEWS vol.1

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Spring tea season is around the corner.

We would like to send you ‘Newly picked fresh tea’ from tea producing areas all over Japan this year again!

From this time, we have decided to let you know how the tea field of each producing area would look like in our newsletter. We get these information from tea farmers (TMS’s partners).

As to ‘the front line of spring tea’ in Japan, it’s like Cherry blossom front, it goes up north along with the temperature rise from the warm south.

Not only cultivar but also how new tea would grow may vary depending on areas even in the same prefecture, of course.

This time, we would like to introduce ‘Kagoshima’ that is ‘the largest tea producing area in Southern Japan’ to you.

In Kagoshima, the temperature in a day time tends to be high for this year but due to the effect of the radiative cooling, it gets cooler from night to morning.
I checked with each regions and it looks like there is no impact on spring tea.

Condition of new tea: Please note that any of those images are showing the morning on 12.MAR.

■Place: Ei (頴娃)








*Please see below images from last year 10.MAR so you can compare them.

2020 Sae-Midori

2019 Sae-Midori

Also, Early Place(Tanegashima Island and Makurazaki etc.) and Early cultivar (Shoju, Shuntaro, Shigeru-No2 etc.) are sooner than last year but the mainland of Kagoshima and the general variety are similar to last year or 2 days earlier. The new tea is growing well.

If you are keen on having ‘the world’s fastest new tea from Japan’ or ‘rare variety of Early cultivar’ , we are here for you. Please send a message to TMS.

Please look forward to Vol.2!

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