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It is believed that Yamanaka Onsen (hotspring) was originally opened about 1300 years ago.
Located in Kaga-shi, Ishikawa prefecture, Yamanaka Onsen has a long history of high quality spring water.
This place was also visited by the well-known poet Matsuo Basho (‘Oku no Hosomichi’) as well as the literati and calligraphers.
The traditional craftmanship that was passed on for generations in this town is 'Yamanaka lacqureware'.







'Lacqureware' is a traditional Japanese craft made from wood coated with lacqure painting.

Yamanaka lacqureware is made by 'completely devided labor process' , whiclh is very rare in modern day in Japan.
Because of the intrense labor and artistry, each artisian shows his pride pride and strong technique in each process.

The process can be divided into following 6 stages.

1. Wood carving - Making the wood base in a rough complete shape
2. Finish carving - Using a potter’s wheel to carve (or grind) for fine and delicate details.
* With this potter’s wheel grind, Yamanaka lacqure is believed to be the best technique in Japan.
3. Priming - Applying primer to the wooden base
4. Rubbing lacqure - Rubbing raw lacqure into the wooden base.
5. Coating - Applying refined lacqure.
6. Maki-e/Foil Processing - Applying delicate and beautiful decoration to finish.


Each process is completed by a professional artisan. Like a relay race when each athelete passes a baton, high quality technique and craftmanship is carried through to the last process in order to complete each piece.

【Long established Yamanaka lacquareware】About Japan Crafts Oshima

Founded in 1909, one of the oldes established Yamanaka lacquareware stores 'Japan Crafts Oshima' is currently run by the 4th generation, Mr. Oshima Taro. (He is also a great friend of Tokyo Matcha Style CEO)
‘For the future of lacqueaware, I must add or create a new value to the existing tradition.’


Mr. Taro is trying to change the ‘Simple, fine yet high-end’ impression towards the lacquaware to also add ‘more daily use’ concept, and is busy spending every day to develop and design new products.
- 'Otama Wan' is a bowl specific for egg on rice bowl dish.
- 'motchu' is a soother shaped device that you can attach to a straw for babies and infants to aid in drinking.


His original craftmanship and technique have been already implemented in these unique products, and they can be purchased as well.
'I would like to keep producing something that is outside of the traditional lacquerwares box.'


Keep an eye on new products coming up from Japan Crafts Oshima.



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