Nihonbashi bridge cleaning

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Nihonbashi bridge cleaning

The office of TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION is located at Nihonbashi in Tokyo.

While it was such a hot day today, there was the event by Nihonbashi boys and girls fire club which is called ‘Hashi-arai (bridge cleaning)’.
Our staff also participated in the cleaning.

This even made children happy as some cleaned the signboard by spraying water from a fire truck and some children rode on the hook and ladder track to clean the signboard.

They made the bridge to a bright shine.

Tea tree Shrine - Chanoki Jinja at Nihonbashi Tokyo

Chanoki Shrine (茶ノ木神社)  * 茶 = Tea TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION's office is located in Nihonbashi area in Tokyo. (It's close to Ginza and Asakusa where are popular for tourists from abroad.) As it happens, there is the shrine neaby us called 'Chanoki Jinja'. In Edo era, there used to be the residence of Daimyo (feudal lord): the Hotta (堀田家) [...]

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