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3 Videos "How to make Green Tea"

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Kyusu Teapot with Infuser, Japanese Handmade Tokoname Ceramic with Black Clay, 10 Fl oz (300 ml)

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Product Description

  • - Elegant, minimalist design - Beautiful Tokoname-ware kyusu teapot crafted in Japan by skilled artisans using traditional methods, rare "black mud" clay kiln firing, and matte finishing techniques
  • - Optimal tea steeping - Wide cylindrical strainer allows tea leaves more room to unfurl for full-flavor infusion; the strainer's small holes accommodate a wide variety of tea leaves in different sizes
  • - Easy clean-up and maintenance - Stainless steel strainer has a smooth surface with small holes, making it not only long-lasting and resistant to deformation but also easy to clean-no tea leaves clogging strainer mesh
  • - Perfect size - Lightweight, comfortable to grip and hold for easy one-handed pouring
  • - Capacity/Size: Capacity 10.1 US fluid oz (300 ml/cc), Size W7.1 * D5.3 * H3.3 in (W180 * D134 * H85 mm), Weight 9 oz/262 g
  • - Due to the characteristics of the ceramic, there may be slight variations in size, shape, and texture

Tokoname Ware:

  • - Traditional Japanese Artistry, Trusted Craftsmanship
  • - Made in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, this kyusu teapot is crafted in authentic Tokoname-ware ceramic.
  • - Tokoname-ware has been designated a traditional Japanese craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan, with a history that dates back at least 900 years.
  • - Owing to its high iron content, Tokoname-ware pottery is known for its durability.
  • - This kyusu teapot is impeccably designed, beautifully blending simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics.
  • - It is light, fits perfectly in your hand, and is a breeze to rinse clean—ideal for daily use!
See videos to learn how to brew delicious green tea in our Kyusu:

how-to-brew-delicious-deep-steamed-fukamushi-tea-fine-tea-leaf-.png -hojicha-and-genmaicha-tea.png

  • See 3 videos to learn how to brew delicious green tea in our Kyusu from our certified tea master!
  • QR code on the manual allows you to watch the video
  • #1 How to Brew Delicious Deep-Steamed "Fukamushi" Green Tea (Fine Tea Leaves)
  • #2 "Hojicha" and "Genmaicha" Tea
  • #3 Light & Medium Steamed "Asamushi" & "Chumushi" Green Tea (Large Tea Leaves)
Care and Cleaning:

  • 1 Wash teapot and strainer with water and make sure to remove moisture with a cloth.
  • 2 Air-dry teapot with the lid off in a well-ventilated location.

  • - We recommend wash it with water (hand wash) when washing it.
  • - Please do not use any chemical detergent or automatic dishwasher.
  • - Do not use a metal sponge (scrubbing brush).
  • - Do not use a direct fire.
  • - Please handle with care as it's fragile. (If it is damaged, it cannot be repaired.)
  • - Stainless strainer will rust when there is excessive moisture remaining, so dry thoroughly


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