sakura festival 2020


This is the green tea most popular consumed in Japan (taking up 80% of tea production).
Unlike Chinese teas or black teas, Japanese Green Tea buds are
- Steamed: 10-15 seconds (within half a day to 20 hours after being picked) in order to prevent oxidization of the tealeaves, retaining the color and smell of the fresh leaves.
- Massaged (rolled): this step breaks the fiber in tea and the flavor spreads throughout the leaves.
- Dried: dried thoroughly to prevent deterioration.
and sorted by size and shape to produce it.
The leaves of high-grade sencha produce a gentle fragrance and an excellent balance of savory UMAMI taste and astringency.
Flavor of sencha differs depending on the region, season, and steeping method.

STEEPING INFO (3 person serving)

Leaf 6 g
WATER 270 ml
Temperature 80 C
Time 60 sec.


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