To cherish the blessings of nature, self-sustaining garden (JAS certified organic farm, about 6ha nursery)

Ujitawara which is located in Southern Kyoto Prefecture, is the main production area of Kyoto, Uji tea. The area is known for a very rich and natural environment as well as Japanese green tea birthplace (tea producing area). Good drainage from calcareous, the climate is suitable for creating a good quality tea.

Harima-en is working every day to take advantage of the bounty of nature, to use only organic fertilizer and without pesticides, to organically cultivate a safe and friendly to the body tea.


-Acquired Organic JAS Certification of Japan in 2001
-Acquired United States Organic Certification, NOP in 2007
-Acquired EU Organic ICEA Certification in 2009

*Today, JAS organic certification and overseas certified organic are considered equivalent levels in terms of certification.

Message from Mr. Harima

In the summer of 1972, I fainted with phytotoxicity during the pesticide spraying in my own tea plantations. After that incident, we decided to convert our concept to organic farming that "somehow try to cultivate tea while being pesticide-free".
Immediately after the change, our harvest was drastically reduced and we went through difficult times. We have gone through trials and errors for "creating something safe and healthy for consumers as well as producers", and it took a while for the tea trees to become stronger and to produce a steady harvest each year.
With organic farming, a great effort is spent on weeding. We are very happy to know our consumers support the safety of our tea.
We would like to continue creating tasty and safe tea for everyone to enjoy.

Harima-En : Kyoto


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