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OTA TEA - Ota Shigeki Family Tea Farm: URESHINO, SAGA pref.


Ota’s tea is a natural tea which penetrates and hydrates your body as you sip. One word to describe Ota’s tea is “very natural”.

Ota Shigeki Seicha is family run tea garden in the "Saga Ureshino", famous tea produce district in Kyushu.
15 tea gardens are scattered in the slope of about 150m to 500m altitude. Currently they offer about 9 varieties of tea.
They are cultivated without the use of any agricultural chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc., since September 1978 and the minimal application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. (Apply only what the soil and crops are needed)

For controlling pests and diseases, they use various minerals and microbial ingredients such as wood vinegar, sugar, seaweed extract. They also implement the improved and sustainable of cultivation method to keep the roots of tea tree healthy throughout their tea gardens in about 3 hectares of property.
We hope you enjoy the natural taste of Ota Tea that penetrates and hydrates your body.

*** Even though Ota Tea is organically grown by Mr. Ota’s unique method without any agricultural chemicals, they cannot have “Organic” or “Pesticide-free production” label due to Japanese laws. ***


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