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TaruwakiEn Kawane Shizuoka

A tea plantation in the Sky. Pesticide-free and organically grown tea.
Imagine this as "Japanese Darjeeling".
Taruwaki-en (a family-run tea company by the Taruwakis) grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, Kawane Honcho is a high altitude area (altitude 630m). The fields are known as "a tea plantation in the Sky."
*Kawane Honcho. Kawane-cha producing area. Known as a leading Japanese area for high-quality tea.
The tea plantation has a great environment that has a large range in temperature between day and night, and a fog-prone weather conditions, which are suitable for the cultivation of high-quality tea.
In particular, during the first harvest of spring, the high humidity creates dense fog, which makes the new sprout grow soft and moist.
Taruwaki-en tea has an outstanding noble aroma for Mountain Tea (tea grown in mountain slopes and high cold areas) and are quite rare luxury tea to be certified as organic cultivation (organic JAS certification).
*”Village Tea” is for teas grown on a flat tea plantation.
Mr. Taruwaki believes "Tea is a gift of nature and human intelligence." His tea reflects his personality.


Features of Taruwaki-en tea


Steam: Light-SteamedShape (twisted):  Thinly pointed like a needleWater color: Light yellow greenAroma: Fresh and noble aroma unique to Mountain TeaFlavor: Tea’s original astringency followed by sweetness spread in the mouth


Initiatives and the concept of organic farming


Harmony with nature with the aim of "recycling agriculture", without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and grow strong tea tree by creating healthy soil with compost with less impact on the environment.


TaruwakiEn Kawane Shizuoka

TaruwakiEn : Shizuoka

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