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  • Sakura Manekineko - B - Right hand up - Lucky cat (Welcome cat)

Sakura Manekineko - B - Right hand up - Lucky cat (Welcome cat)

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Product Description

** This item is made hand so it may have a little difference in color and drape. It may take time (a few weeks) from your order to shipping. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.**


- This is a brand new arts and crafts item that was carefully created by a traditional Japanese artist.
- This is not an antique product.
- 100% made and crafted in Japan.
- It is not a one of a kind only production.

Maneki neko (Lucky Cat)

Please note that Maneki neko is a lucky charm of business prosperity in Japan. It is also popular outside of Japan and is called as "lucky cat" or "welcome cat".

The pose of Maneki neko (shape) may be associated with believing in omens.


- Cat with right hand up (front leg): lucky with money

- Cat with left hand up (front leg): draw a log of customers

*By the way, there is a cat with both hands up but some Japanese may not like it because it may show that he/she is 'too greedy'.


Tortoiseshell cat (white, black, yellow/brown) = business prosperity
Blue= Improvement of academic achievement (prayer for school success), road safety
Pink= Fulfillment in love
Black= Protecting against misfortune
Red= Illness prevention
*Please note that the interpretation (meaning) of the color may vary even in Japan.

[Place to decorate]

Although there is no particular rule, it is often placed in where visitors can see it, such as at the storefront and cashiers etc.
Because of its adorable looking, you can also use it as a mini object for shops and offices.
It is also recommended for those who like cats.

[Material/Production area]

Maneki neko is mainly ceramic (pottery).
Today Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture is famous in Japan for its production.
*It is also well-known as the production area of teapot.

[Product Specifications]

Materials: Pottery / Ceramic
Size: H16 cm (H6.3 in)


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