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  • Hexagon Kotetsubin - Karakusa & Flower - 500ml/cc - Small Iron Teapot Kettle
  • Hexagon Kotetsubin - Karakusa & Flower - 500ml/cc - Small Iron Teapot Kettle - Lid
  • Hexagon Kotetsubin - Karakusa & Flower - 500ml/cc - Small Iron Teapot Kettle - Handle
  • Rectangle Kotetsubin - Hemp & Saya - 500ml/cc - Small Iron Teapot Kettle - Box

Hexagon Kotetsubin - Karakusa & Flower - 350ml/cc - Small Iron Teapot Kettle

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Product Description

** This item is made hand so it may have a little difference in color and drape. It may take time (a few weeks) from your order to shipping. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.**
- This is a brand new arts and crafts item that was carefully created by a traditional Japanese artist.
- This is not an antique product.
- 100% made and crafted in Japan.
- It is not a one of a kind only production.
- Body: Hexagon
- Design: Lid: Flower, Handle: Karakusa
- OK for Direct Fire
- This is the original iron kettle. You can put the iron kettle itself over the fire and boil the water.
- You can use it as a regular pot as well.
Takaoka Iron Kettle

Takaoka Iron Kettles are iron kettles produced in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.
The biggest feature of the Takaoka Iron Kettle is a unique technique known as "Wax Casting" which creates a beautiful background pattern.
It's history dates back to more than 400 years ago and its delicate yet dynamic technique has been passed on generation after generation by Takaoka craftsmen.
Artist: SHOBEI

This product is created by skilled craftsmen with the supervision of "Shobei" who represent the Takaoka Iron.
Each craftsman has his own role in each step such as fabricating parts or finishing up the art work, and they spend an enormous amount of time and effort to create this one of a kind product.

Body: After casting, firing and original coloring is applied to make this product solid and strong.
Handle: Manufactured using wrought iron for its form and flexibility. There is no other kind to compare.
Lid: Perfectly weighed lid is something that Takaoka Iron is famous for. Enjoy the color change as it ages.

[about SHOBEI]
Born in 1943, living in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
He became independent in 1971 to set up a studio in Takaoka City.

He has been specializing in cast iron kettles and tea ceremony utensil creations since then.
He has received varying awards of exhibitions and contests.

Beautiful gold and silver inlays are one of the Takaoka Iron Kettle’s biggest features as well.
A craftsman fits gold and silver leaf on each metal surface to create delicate and luxurious work.
This cannot be achieved by mass production, Takaoka Iron Kettles are truly gems of arts and crafts.

[Inlaying Methods]
There are two inlaying methods:

- Nunome Zogan (Fabric Pattern Inlay)
Created by small scratch like fabric patterns on the surface and the application gold and silver leaf.
This method is commonly used for creating gorgeous patterns with gold and silver.

- Sen Zogan (Wire Inlay)
Create lines on the surface that embeds finely cut silver leaf.
This method makes the patterns’ outline or edge effectively stand out.

Country: Takaoka city, Toyama pref, Japan
Size:H14 * W14 * D10.3 cm (H5.5 * W5.5 * D4.06 inc)
Volume: 350 ml/cc
Weight: 0.8 kg / 1.76 lbs
- Body: Iron
- Inlays: Real Gold and silver leaf
- Lid: Brass
- Handle: Copper/Bronze
Paulownia Wooden Box:
- Comes with a note of authenticity
- Box Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs


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